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Our Emotional Learning Cards now feature over 60 contemporary artists. Without their input and generous permission we wouldn't be able to produce the cards. Read more about every one of them below:

Alex Flemming

Born in Brazil, 1954 and now lives and works in Berlin. He has developed a number of ways of looking at the world which over time have provided a political edge to his work.

Anthony Key

Through his artwork, the artist explores how Chinese culture and history is seen in Britain. His work often focuses on food, unpicking stereotypes by playfully blending together British and Chinese cuisine.

Aya Haidar

Her work explores her personal history and her identity as a woman of Lebanese origin growing up in Britain. She uses and recycles objects to make artworks that tell tales of loss, movement, memory and migration.

Diana Fonseca

Born in Havana, Cuba, in 1978 where she continues to live and work. Her artwork explores both childhood games and life in contemporary Cuba. Iniva Website


Donald Rodney

Donald often used his body to explore identity and its relationship to society. The tiny house you see in his work is made from the artist’s own skin, removed during one of the many operations that he went through whilst suffering from sickle cell anaemia. He died from the illness in 1998, aged 37.

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Fiona Tan

Her  work explores how as individuals we inhabit a number of different cultural and social identities; how we look at people and things and in turn how they look at us.

Hew Locke

Cultural identity, symbols of the state and nationhood, cultural institutions and global politics are major themes that are explored through Hew Locke’s installations.

Allora and Calzadilla

Allora & Calzadilla approach art as a set of experiments that test whether ideas such as authorship, nationality, borders, and democracy adequately describe today’s increasingly global and consumerist society.

Juan Pablo Echeverri

Juan began taking photographs of himself everyday as part of a diary project. His public photo booth portraits have been as a way of both recording and generating changes to his appearance and self-image.

Los Carpinteros

Los Carpinteros are a group of artists who live and work in Cuba. They take familiar objects and redesign them so as to make them seem unusual.

Lucy Orta

Trained as a fashion designer, she brings her knowledge of clothing into her work; often making sculptures that combine elements of clothing with elements of human necessity such as food or shelter.

NS Harsha

Seen as an important figure within contemporary Indian art, Harsha’s work often highlights social and political inequalities. His work is wide ranging, from detailed figurative painting to site-specific installations.

Otobong Nkanga

A visual artist and live performer, she works to expose how frail and unstable human kind is becoming within its environment.

Permindar Kaur

By playing with size and materials, she transforms homely objects that we often think of as comforting and familiar into unsettling or threatening scenes.

Shiraz Bayjoo

In his work Shiraz Bayjoo explores how we think about national, cultural, political, individual and collective identities.

Sokari Douglas Camp

Born in Buguma, Nigeria in 1958, she now lives and works in London. She often uses her memories and experiences of growing up in Nigeria to explore her Kalibari heritage.

Susan Stockwell

Her work involves the use of everyday materials that she transforms into extraordinary sculptures, collages and installations questioning ecology, historic and present day trade, and the implications of global commerce.

Wilfredo Prieto

In some ways a conceptual artist, in that he works with ideas, but his work is not easily classifiable. For him experimentation is most important in the creation and interpretation of work.

Yara El-Sherbini

She uses forms that are familiar to us, such as games, television programs and activities, to create an accessible way in which to interact with art and engage with politically challenging ideas.

Zineb Sedira

Much of her early work reflects on her family’s immigration to France from Algeria and takes the form of an investigation into language and storytelling using film and photography.

Anish Kapoor

Born in Bombay in 1954, he is well known and celebrated for his large, elegant sculptures. Most recently he has designed the ArcelorMittal Orbit; a tower that features prominently in London’s Olympic Park.

Chila Kumari Burman

Since the 80s she has been making artwork that challenges stereotypes about Asian women. She often includes images from Bollywood, fashion and popular culture in her work.

Chris Ofili

Turner prize winning artist Ofili combines different kinds of materials in his paintings including paint, resin, glitter and sometimes elephant dung. He also draws on different sources such as comics, the Bible, films and music.

Do-Ho Suh

Born in Seoul, Korea, in 1962. His sculptures often play around with scale; exploring how people experience or feel in different kinds of spaces and situations.

Lehmann Maupin

Francis Upritchard

Francis often makes artworks out of objects she has found in attics & charity shops. Even though she has turned them into something new, they still seem to tell us something about their past lives.
Kate MacGarry

Franklyn Rodgers

As well as his portraits of artists and writers, he is known for the way in which he creates iconic images that redefine how we view multiculturalism in the UK.

Freddie Robins

Freddie uses techniques that we usually connect with homely activities such as knitting and embroidery. Her artworks might seem to be familiar and comforting, but they usually contain a twist.

Gayle Chong Kwan

Gayle Chong Kwan works with photography and installation to create fantastical mise-en-scene landscapes and environments out of disturbing arrangements of waste materials, sensory remains and documentary sources.

Gonkar Gyatso

Born in 1961 in Tibet and now lives in London. In the mid 1980s he was also involved in creating a new kind of art that connects with Tibetan culture.

Hetain Patel

Through his artwork Hetain Patel explores his identity as a second generation British Asian. He often uses materials from his family’s culture to understand what it means to have been brought up in a western culture but with an Indian heritage.

Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni is well known for the unusual ways she makes art which often involve using her own body. She has carved sculptures with her teeth, and painted works with her hair. It is the artist’s mother in this image. 
Luhring Augustine

Kate Walters

Kate Walters often draws the human body in ways that suggest experiences and feelings. She says that when she is making a drawing she tries to let it take a life of its own.

Laylah Ali

Laylah Ali's paintings and drawings usually show people who seem to be characters in a bigger story. Her characters are also purposefully ambiguous in terms of their ethnicity and gender.
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Leticia Valverdes

Born in 1972 in Brazil, her photographs focus on interactions between people and often look at people’s identities, memories and dreams.

Lorna Simpson

Became well known in the 1980s for her photographs which challenge narrow, conventional views of gender and identity. In 1993 she was the first Black woman to be included in the Venice Biennale.

Mónica de Miranda

Her artwork explores how we form ideas about who we are and where we belong. She often works with materials that are familiar to us such as maps and images of the body, and processes such as knitting and crocheting.

Neeta Madahar

Neeta Madahar was born in London in 1966. Her photography and films explore beauty and unexpected drama in familiar surroundings.

Yayoi Kusama 

Born in Japan, 1929, she is famous for her sculptures and installations in which patterns are repeated over and over. The artist has said that her work comes out of experiences she had as a child.

Yinka Shonibare MBE

Yinka explores colonialism, race, globalisation and class through a range of different kinds of works: sculptures, films, photographs and paintings. He often places himself in the centre of his works.


Zosienka is an artist and freelance illustrator working in Hackney, London. She grew up in South Africa, Poland and the UK and draws from these varied landscapes in her practice.